Project: 100 Dream Trees

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

The seed of a dream is first planted, then nurtured and watered with passion and love, until it grows into a stable, sturdy structure that connects with the clouds. This is the Dream Tree, the Dreamers’ home, a bridge between life’s practical and aspirational aspects (much like the saying “Keep your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds.”)

It represents the ideal life, where all can simultaneously pursue their passion and maintain the practical structures underneath. And when passion and practical continuously fuel and source each other, the Dream Tree becomes more vibrant, more abundant, and greater.

The Dream Tree also represents collaboration and community, a space where everyone can gather to celebrate our gifts and express our true selves. It’s an ideal world, where all can fulfill our aspirations together, thus creating a whole new world. Like that song from the movie The Greatest Showman: “A million dreams is all it’s gonna take A million dreams for the world we’re gonna make.”

Project: 100 Dream Trees No. 6: “The Sofia Dream Tree” (2019), Sofia, Bulgaria

About the Project

As an artist and a creative coach, I stand for us to discover what truly matters to us, and to fulfill our dreams.

My project uses art and coaching to connect people deeply to their dreams, and express them through painting on tiles / panels / other materials, or on the wall itself. These painted dreams will then be incorporated into a wall painting of a Dream Tree. My mission is to create 100 Dream Tree murals around the world, co-created with 100 different communities, with the message of believing in your dreams and discovering your true self.

Inspired by the people and the surroundings, each permanent Dream Tree mural will also feature specific characteristics of the community – iconic landmarks, and aspects of their daily life, customs and traditions.

On a larger dynamic, the Dream Tree is a symbol of our interconnectedness, our dreams and aspirations, and a collective vision for making our world a better place.

Group photo in front of “The Kintai Dream Tree”, June 2019

Today, there are six Dream Trees in five countries: Spain, Singapore, Latvia, Lithuania, and Bulgaria.

Here’s the first one that inspired the initial idea for Project: 100 Dream Trees, painted during my first artist residency in Spain, in June 2018:

Project: 100 Dream Trees No. 1: “The Riba-roja Dream Tree” (2018), Riba-roja d’Ebre, Spain

My Dream

Just 6 years before I painted the first Dream Tree mural, I didn’t even believe that I could fulfill my childhood dream of becoming an artist. When I was 8 I was discouraged from being an artist. I suppressed my creative side, and felt lost and purposeless for many years. At 29 I reconnected to my artist dream and wanted to pursue it, but I felt it was too late for me.

Then I worked with a life coach, and successfully held my first solo exhibition in 2 months, without formal training in art or managing events. It was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, but it kick-started a dream I had believed was impossible, and showed me that I was capable of creating a life around what truly matters to me.

I believe that every person has a dream, but sometimes we forget who we truly are, and thus we don’t always live the life we’re meant for.

As artist and coach, I stand for us creating the life of our dreams, and living it. Whether you’ve forgotten your dream, or you keep putting it off, or you’re resigned about ever having the life you truly desire… here’s a chance for you to believe in that dream again, and start taking action.

Project: 100 Dream Trees No. 2: “The Keong Saik Dream Tree” (2019), Singapore

“Project: 100 Dream Trees” reflects my mission as an artist and coach:

To create experiences for people to connect to their dreams, and inspire them or work with them directly to take action toward living the life they truly desire.

The Dream Tree is more than just art that they can admire and appreciate. It’s an experience for people to connect so deeply to their dream as their participate in this project, and having a work of art they co-created which reminds them of it every single day.

Project: 100 Dream Trees No. 3: “The Cesis Dream Tree” (2019), Cēsis, Latvia

Project: 100 Dream Trees No. 4: “The Kintai Dream Tree” (2019), Kintai, Lithuania
Project: 100 Dream Trees No. 5: “The Užupis Dream Tree” (2019), Vilnius, Lithuania

Dreamer Friends of “Project: 100 Dream Trees”

HH Tan, Jeremy Lim, Claire Lim, Abhijit Patwardhan, Colin Lim, TB, Toh Hong Boon, Lawrence Kang, Nina Rahardjo, Ranajay Das, Regina Ong, Chong Su Lee, Grace Lim, Berto, WT, BL, Alphonsus Tan, Gabriel, Low Shao Suan, Kevin Jablonski, IH, Shayne, JC, Brieuc Labiouse, Alina Wong, Ans Teoh, Steven Mok, Ratna Indra Putri, Sarah, SherLeon Foster, John Francis, Loi Su Ling, Vicky Wang, Chae Huah, Alina Wong, Megan Lye, Shihui Cheng, Sifat Rahman, Poh Xing Wei, Chih Hsing, Annabel, JL, Christine Ma, Sambi

THANK YOU for being a part of bringing this dream to life <3