Creative Coaching

I help aspiring creatives to stop doubting yourself and start taking action toward your creative goals and aspirations.

I also help multi-passionates and new creatives to find your direction and start creating your dream career.

Hi, I’m MaryAnn!

I’m a multi-passionate creative. I’ve been a professional fine artist since 2013, and in the years before that I’ve explored creative paths in acting, singing, and songwriting.

From my artistic journey so far, I’ve learnt that every single one of us has dreams we aspire to live, but for many reasons, we may have set them aside and forgotten about them. And I believe it’s our purpose in this life to figure out what our dreams are, and to live them as an expression of ourselves to the world.

Drawing from my experiences and developments in creative expression, and together with my training as a life coach, I provide a holistic approach to coaching for creatives who desire to craft a meaningful artistic life aligned to your personal values and dreams.

Who is creative coaching for?

Do you have a creative desire but can’t seem to find the time or motivation to get started?

Are you a multi-passionate or creative generalist with many creative interests and can’t decide which one/s to focus on right now?

Are you an aspiring creative trying to craft a career aligned to your values and dreams?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these, I can help!

I coach aspiring creatives, artistic hobbyists, and multi-passionates to get clarity about your creative aspirations and goals, and take action towards making your creative dream a reality.

Whether you’re trying to produce a new series of artworks, learning to play the guitar, writing your first novel… as long as you’re struggling with taking consistent action on your creative dream, .

It’s a common misconception that living your creative dream can only happen if you’ve got certain factors going in your life – like more time, energy, money and freedom. But what if I told you that living this dream isn’t something to aspire to in the future – rather, it’s about crafting every single day to bring you a little closer to this ideal.

Thus creativity coaching is also for you if you are:

  • Learning how to paint or draw in a new medium, or how to play a new musical instrument, or any new creative skill
  • Developing a new series of paintings, a new script, a new book, a new composition, a new technique etc.
  • Seeking direction for the best possible creative career path you can take
  • Working on too many creative projects at the same time and not getting consistent results
  • Interested in many different creative areas and not sure where to focus right now
  • Thinking of starting a new creative project but keep putting it off
  • Thinking of having more time for creativity in your life but can’t seem to carve it out for yourself

And many more!

Together, we will…

1) Discover Your Creative Dream:

  • Get connected to a creative goal, project or ambition that you truly wish to fulfill
  • Discover what this dream really means to you and have certainty in committing to it
  • Pinpoint specific actions to take now that brings you closer to fulfilling this dream

2) Overcome Your Creative Resistances

  • Identify and gain new awareness about your common resistances
  • Create new strategies to better manage, counter and overcome these obstacles
  • Simplify your specific action step into a manageable size to reduce the effect of your resistance

3) Cultivate Creative Consistency in Your Life

  • Discover what creative consistency looks like in the context of your creative dream
  • Reframe your relationship with discipline and routine
  • Create a daily action schedule that works for you

What Do You Need?

I currently offer two formats of private coaching. See if one of them fits your needs.

Option 1: 2 Coaching Sessions

This includes:

  • 2 coaching sessions on Skype, 45 minutes each
  • Use them anytime within 1 month from the first session
  • VIP email access to me

This is for:

  • Dealing with singular issues in your creative journey, e.g. identifying your creative goal or career direction, overcoming particular resistances, creating a plan towards accomplishing your goal.

Price: $295 USD ($398 SGD)


Option 2: 30-day Project

This includes:

  • 5 weekly coaching sessions on Skype, 45 minutes each
  • VIP email access to me

This is for:

  • Working consistently on building one part of your creative dream
  • Cultivating creative consistency and habits in your day-to-day life
  • Creatives who want a jump-start in taking action on your dream

Price: $655 USD ($888 SGD)

How It Works:

  1. First I’ll email you with a couple of questions, and we can set a time for Session #1, which marks the first day of your coaching package. Prepare your answers to these questions before Session #1, so we can maximize our time in the session.
  2. Each time we meet on Skype, ensure you have a good stable Internet connection, and a space where nobody will interrupt our time together. It’s preferable if you have a webcam, but it’s not necessary.
  3. During Session #1, we will set the dates for our remaining sessions. We’ll meet for 45 minutes on Skype once a week to check your progress, figure things out, and set new tasks as needed.
  4. After each session I’ll send you some questions and exercises to work on for the next session.
  5. Finally, you’ll get VIP access to me via email, so you can ask me anything anytime, and I will respond as soon as I can.

Are you ready?

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Group Coaching

If you’re in Singapore, come check out my in-person group coaching sessions through the “Live Your Creative Dream” workshop series.


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