Singing / Vocal Coaching

Together, we will…

1) Develop your vocal abilities according to what your voice needs the most right now:
– Learn various techniques that can enhance your vocal expression
– Reduce blockages to your vocal channel so you have more freedom in using your voice
– Correct bad vocal habits, such as enunciation, reducing nasal sound, etc., and overcome vocal issues that you’ve been facing for years

2) Lessen the psychological barriers that prevent you from fully expressing yourself:
– Conquer your limiting beliefs like “I can’t sing”, “My voice isn’t good”…
– Reduce fears and anxiety around public performance
– Overcome self-consciousness in expressing yourself authentically

3) Develop yourself into the best singer that ONLY YOU can be:
– Find your way of singing in your natural voice, and achieve your perfect sound whilst maintaining the best possible vocal function
– Discover your singer personality and how to bring that into your singing
– Learn to choose the right songs for you – based on your current vocal ability, personality, and what you wish to express

Let’s explore how you can apply these techniques into your daily life and interactions with others!

Note that all prices shown are in US dollars.

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