“If you don’t do this, nothing in your life will change.”

“If you don’t do this, nothing in your life will change.”

When I was preparing for my first solo exhibition in early 2013, it was the most difficult things I had ever done. I worked with a life coach for 5 weeks on a project plan to bring this exhibition to life, and for one entire week, I didn’t do anything related to this exhibition.

Each time I tried to paint, I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing and I hated my work. Each time I tried to sit and reach out to my contacts to invite them to the exhibition, I felt very sleepy, and ended up taking long naps and not getting anything done.

Finally at the end of the week, I called my coach to whine about how I couldn’t do it no matter how hard I tried. And he said something which has stuck with me ever since:

“If you don’t do this, nothing in your life will change.”

Very often when we attempt to fulfill a dream or a goal that truly matters to us, all our inner barriers will arise and stop us from doing it. We could have more free time (especially now when we can no longer go out and distract ourselves with social gatherings and events), but our defenses will somehow manage to find some “better” way to fill this time with “more important” things.

In moments like this, I find myself returning to that phone call with my coach, and reminded again of how important my dream was to me, and that I was the only one who could do something about it.

When you’re distracted from your goals, what’s the one statement or quote that gets you back on track?

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