MaryAnn Sings: “Doors” by Dick Lee

I first heard this song almost 20 years ago, when my university hall decided to put up our own version of the musical “Hotpants”, by Singapore’s veteran songwriter Dick Lee.
I was the musical director for the project, and this song has resonated with me, and stuck with me since. It occurs in a scene where a girl sings to her mother to give her a chance to pursue her dream as a singer.
Back then my big dream was to be a singer-songwriter, and while this hasn’t been the case for some years now, I never anticipated that years later I would be making videos of my singing and sharing them with you.
If you’re in the pursuit of your big dreams like me, this is my love song to you. The journey of following your heart and your passion and finding your own way is so challenging, and at times it’s easy to want to quit and give it up. Especially when things don’t seem to go the way we want, and when we take risks to put ourselves out there and it fails.
But remember this. We have only this one life, and whether we play it safe or go crazy with it, we’re still headed for the same destination at the end.
So open that door, sing that song, write that story, paint that picture, make that film… do whatever it is, and go wherever it is that your heart calls you to. And as long as I’m still breathing, you’re not alone in this journey.

Song: “Doors”
Written by: Dick Lee
For the musical “Hotpants”, Singapore

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