MaryAnn Sings: “I Have A Dream” by ABBA

I first learnt this song during music class in school at the age of 13, which is also when I started to fall in love with singing.
At the time I resonated with this song, though I didn’t understand why.
Years later I watched the musical Mamma Mia!, and this song was performed by the female lead Sophie in the final scene as she departs from her home with her boyfriend on an adventure to see the world. The set showed a large full moon in the background, and on stage there was a path leading towards the moon, where Sophie’s boyfriend waits for her to say goodbye to her family and friends.
Somehow that scene stirred something in me, a sense of wonder, and a deep longing to go out into the unknown and explore and discover something new.
I didn’t know this then, but this is a common characteristic of what is called the seeker archetype. If you’re a dreamer like me, chances are you’d resonate with this song too, and many others with a similar kind of theme.
The music we’re drawn to and that we love to sing tells us a lot about who we are, and what truly matters to us. The challenge is to look deeper into the meaning we give to the lyrics, and to recognize that moment when we truly connect with a song.
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Song: “I Have A Dream”
Artist: ABBA

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