MaryAnn Sings: “Stand by Me” and “Every Breath You Take” Mashup

This wasn’t the song I had wanted to share today, but no matter how I tried to perform my original choice, it just wasn’t working. My voice didn’t sound as “good” as when I practiced the song a few days ago, and I had also lost the emotional resonance I felt with the lyrics then.
After a few attempts of restarting and getting tired, I turned to my folder of lyrics with chords and today’s song jumped out at me. I hadn’t played it in a while, and I hadn’t planned on recording it anytime soon, but I decided to just give it a go. After all, if I didn’t publish a singing video this week, I’d probably only feel worse about myself. It’s not my best performance, but it will do for today.
In hindsight, I probably should have recorded my original choice a few days earlier when I was totally feeling it then, because now I see the moment has passed and another song has taken its place.
Moments of magic and feeling connected with parts of ourselves are fleeting, and once they have passed, it’s difficult to get back to the same place. But there will always be new moments, which we’ll miss if we don’t let go of what has already gone.
Through singing, we sometimes create such moments, when we somehow tap into a new meaning of the song, and connect with it and ourselves on a deeper level. To me singing isn’t just about expressing myself, it’s also getting in touch with parts of myself I may not even realize are there, until singing a song brings it out.
And so I’ll keep singing and expressing my truth through music, as an exploratory way of getting to know who I really am, and finding my true voice.

Song: “Stand By Me”
Artist: Ben E. King
Song: “Every Breath You Take”
Artist: The Police

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