MaryAnn Sings: “Breathe (2 am)” by Anna Nalick

This past week has been one of little losses in my life.
I postponed my artist residency in September thus delaying my primary art project indefinitely, I gave up a grant I received for this residency, two friendships (of sorts) have changed (these are a bit complicated), and one of my roles in my personal development community has been put on hold indefinitely.
Each loss on its own isn’t really that big of a deal, but when they all occurred one after another this past week, I find myself suddenly left with an unclear direction as an artist, less two connections, and less one focus in my personal life.
I’m aware all these pales in comparison to what the characters in this song are going through, and what many people in the world are struggling with due to the pandemic. Chances are you who are reading this are probably privileged like me, and you might be chiding yourself for feeling bad about your little losses.
We tell ourselves it’s not a big deal, because it’s true that in the larger scheme of things and in the light of what’s happening now in the world, it really isn’t a big deal.
But in this moment, right here right now, when we’re still reeling from the effects of that loss, no matter how seemingly insignificant it may be, it’s a big deal to us at this moment.
I think the message of this song is that we can’t go back and undo our past, whether they are mistakes or things outside our control. And while we’re feeling down or sad or depressed or hurting from our losses, even the little ones, all we can do is take a moment, and breathe… just breathe.

Song: “Breathe (2 am)”
Artist: Anna Nalick

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