MaryAnn Sings: “Budapest” by George Ezra

When I was younger I used to believe in an idealistic version of romantic love, where I would meet a handsome stranger, and we would fall head over heels in love from the moment we locked eyes across the room (or across the cafe, across the subway train tracks, while passing each other on the street, at a party, at someone’s wedding… yes, I’ve spent a lot of time dreaming of many different scenarios lol).
And I used to think that when I met the one great love of my life, I’d do anything to be with him – move halfway across the world, leave my old life behind, and embark on a brand new adventure where everyday will be magical because we are so in love.
Of course years of dating experiences have shown me that real-life romances aren’t at all what we see in rom-coms or romance novels. And I’ve also discovered that the greatest love of my life and the one true love of myself will always be, well… ME. So this means my own dreams and ambitions and what I envision my life to be will always be more important than any guy, nor would I want someone to leave behind or lose everything he is just to be with me.
Still, there’s a part of me that sometimes dreams about this ideal love story, and certain songs (like “Budapest”) resonate at those times when I find myself longing for romantic adventure that is unlikely to exist in reality.
In those few minutes of singing a song and really connecting with it, we give ourselves an opportunity to express another side of ourselves, and imagine living a life we know we probably won’t choose or can’t have in real life. And as we give a voice to these personalities within us, we may start to discover there’s more to ourselves than we previously thought, more possibilities to our life we haven’t explored or experienced, and even if it’s only a fantasy, this is all part of the process of unfolding and discovering who we truly are.
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Song: “Budapest”
Artist: George Ezra

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