MaryAnn Sings: “Fall At Your Feet” by Crowded House

I fell in love with this song since the first time I heard it, more than 10 years ago in my mid-20’s. I think the hapless romantic in me, who will do anything for love, totally eats this kind of music up lol
In these recent months, with no significant other to distract me and with the world turned topsy turvy, my inner hapless romantic has been running amok, and I took a crazy chance and expressed my romantic feelings for a guy.
And I got rejected. Damn sad and heartbroken. Sigh…
But in a strange way, this song came to me at the time, putting into form the feelings I couldn’t voice out, telling a story I didn’t even know was there.
Songs give voice to our human experiences, and typically the ones that become greatest hits are because they touch on something deeply profound that resonates with most.
In this case, unrequited love and the sting of rejection after taking a chance and opening your heart is a common experience, and it’s tough when such strong feelings are not something we can easily just get over within a short time.
Singing helps us express the confusion and complexities we feel in a tangible way. And when the song and our voice becomes a channel through we release how we feel, we can begin to let go of the hurt and re-integrate ourselves.
If you’ve been experiencing confusing emotions that are difficult to express, come explore singing as a way to work through them. I offer private voice coaching and singing workshops (all online).
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Song: “Fall At Your Feet”
Artist: Crowded House

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