MaryAnn Sings: “Life for Rent” by Dido

“I haven’t ever really found a place that I call home… I never stick around quite long enough to make it.”
From the get-go, this song speaks of me and my life.
I’ve never truly found a place I belong, also because I never quite stay there long enough to give it a chance. My work keeps changing, romances come and go, friends say hi and bye, and literally I have not found a place where I can truly say “I’m home”.
As a seeker, I always believe the grass is greener elsewhere, and I’m never fully satisfied with the lot I’ve currently got, nor can I fully “buy into” it. I’m always wondering what lies around the corner, what waits around the river bend, hoping it will be something better.
And while the life of a seeker takes me into uncharted waters time and again, as I get older, another voice seems to get louder: “When will you grow up? When will you settle down? When will you start to take things seriously?”
I used to think I’d have my life all figured out by the time I was 30, then 35, and now at 37, I continue to find new areas to explore, new ideas to bring to life, and new things to experiment with. Nothing is set in stone, and everyday brings a new discovery.
Ultimately I think there’s no one “right” way to live. We can either buy into society’s notions that by a certain age we need to establish ourselves in a lucrative career, buy a house, get married, pop out babies, retire… or we can choose consciously what truly matters to us. The latter to some may still look something like the former, but I think if you’d dig a little deeper into yourself, you’d find that maybe you haven’t ever really found a place that you call home either.
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Song: “Life For Rent”
Artist: Dido


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