MaryAnn Sings: “Blowin’ in the Wind” by Bob Dylan

I’m supposed to be in Finland now attending an artist residency and continuing my work on “Project: 100 Dream Trees” (, but because of the pandemic and travel restrictions and the messiness going on now in the world, the opportunity has been postponed indefinitely, and I’m stuck here in Singapore for at least the next year.
Yes I have other projects to keep me occupied, and there’s always other things to work on. But knowing that I can’t pursue my dream project really sucks, and being grounded in Singapore has taken its toll on me. I’ve been feeling depressed and disillusioned, and doubting how to continue my work of advocating for our all dreams, when I’m currently unable to pursue my one big dream.
So I lament at the current state of the world, using song as a way to express these complicated and layered feelings of loss, disillusionment, hopelessness, sadness, loneliness and uncertainty, where the answers I seek are blowin’ in the wind.
If you’d like to express your feelings towards your current situation in this time of madness and uncertainty, singing is one of the fastest and most direct ways to do that. Through my vocal coaching sessions, you’ll get a safe nonjudgmental space to process what you normally may not be able to express.

Song: “Blowin’ In The Wind”
Artist: Bob Dylan

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