“Little Dreamers” 100-Day Challenge: Days 1 to 25

“Little Dreamers” 100-Day Challenge: Days 1 to 25

For 100 days from 19 Jul to 26 Oct 2021, I’m creating and posting one new illustration each day on my Instagram and my Facebook page, as a way of developing a new series of artworks.

Based on the initial direction of the works, I’ve named the series “Little Dreamers”, though it may change as the works evolve into what they truly wish to become.

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing the works from the first 25 days, as well as the accompanying poems I’ve written for each one.

At the beginning, I had expected each artwork to take an average of two hours to complete… however, now I realise they average 4-5 hours each, which means I’ve been putting in around 30 hours of work on these each week LOL

And yes, not only have I set myself this insane challenge, I have inadvertently also taken on a secondary challenge in the form of writing short poems for each one. (Why do I always make things more challenging than they already are to begin with LOL…)

Nonetheless, I intend to keep this going until I fulfill 100 days, no matter what happens!

All illustrations are hand-drawn on watercolour paper using professional grade watercolour, ink and white gouache, and measure 5.8 x 8.3 in. (A5).

Here are the works from Days 1 to 25 (19 Jul – 12 Aug, 2021):



“Little Dreamer”

I often sit alone at night
Conversing with the moon.
She sings to me of lands beyond —
We’ll find our way there soon.



“Edge of the World”

How do we find the edge of the world?
Where does space begin, and does it end?
And should we happen upon a door,
Will we find our way back again?



“If I Could Only Bring You Back”

If I could only reach into
The spaces in between,
If I could only find you there
I’d bring you back with me.




A shining tower lights the way
To lands we don’t yet know,
And as we sail the starry skies
Our dream begins to grow.



“At Home?”

I’m most alone while I’m at home,
And oft misunderstood.
I’m most at home while I’m alone
Conversing with the moon.



“Dream River”

Where does the river lead and do we dare follow?
Are there dreams we haven’t seen and shouldn’t yet know?
What calls to us from far beyond the horizon’s end?
And if we answer, will we ever come back here again?



“New Adventure”

I emerge again from the water
Where a new adventure awaits —
Pathways in number as the stars
Leading once more to my last gate.



“Toward the Light”

No clouds can blanket all the stars,
No waves will pull us under.
We’ve set our course toward the light
That breaks the storm asunder.



“I Cast My Heart Out on a Line”

I cast my heart out on a line
To see how far it’d go
In overcoming fears and trials
And aches I don’t yet know.

I cast my heart out on a line
To see what it could bring —
New loves and new adventures,
And dreams I haven’t seen.



“I Wake to a Dream”

I wake to a dream
Waiting just outside my bed —
Far beyond my reach.



I am one of many tales I’ve lived before
Tragic, heartbreaking, glorious reruns.
Which has been the best, you ask?
My answer is ever: “This one.”



“Soul Searching”

If I could talk with you, my soul,
I’d ask you why I’m here.
And if I could hear you… well,
I wouldn’t need an answer.



“Adrift on a Timeless Sea”

Lonely wanderers
Adrift on a timeless sea;
Led by fallen stars.



“Wishful Thinker”

Some nights while in bed
I dream of what could have been
If I wasn’t Me.



In the glow of the fire it seems
That waves have turned to wind,
And stars are lighted specks of dust
Arising from within.

In the glow of the stars it seems
That wind has turned to waves,
And we’re nothing more than specks of dust
Trying to find our way.



“At the Water’s Edge”

You were found asleep at the water’s edge
In a world I can’t yet reach;
So hopeful I remain here keeping watch
Until again we meet.



“Hide Among the Stars”

I wish to hide among the stars
And forget the world below.
A dream is not a true escape,
But it’s the only way I know.



“A Lighted Path”

A beacon waves across the sea —
The whispers of a dream;
A lighted path reveals the way
To where it all begins.



“Little Universe”

I’m the creator
Of my little universe;
Where it’s all a dream.



“Edge of Eternity”

At the edge of eternity
We’ll surely arrive,
For as one world withers away
Another blooms to life.



“Which Path?”

I’ve often wondered which path I should take,
Fearing I’d make some sort of mistake.
For walking one means never knowing the other;
But at the end of the journey, what will it matter?



“Just Hanging”

We hang in between
Where to go and where we’ve been,
And where it begins.



“The Lighted Path Calls”

The lighted path calls while I’m asleep
Safe in the only bed I’ve known.
I don’t know at all where it may lead
But it’s a journey I walk alone.



“On A Dream We Rise”

On a dream we rise,
And we find our way
Into rainbow skies,
Toward brighter days.



“Dream or Delusion?”

Sometimes a dream is just a delusion,
Sometimes doors open to the unknown,
Sometimes the way forward is confusion;
Most times the path isn’t set in stone.