“Little Dreamers” 100-Day Challenge: Days 26 to 50

“Little Dreamers” 100-Day Challenge: Days 26 to 50

Halfway through this 100-Day Challenge, and two months into the process!

The project is to create and post one new illustration each day on my Instagram and my Facebook page, as a way of developing a new series of artworks. I had started on 19 Jul 2021, and the original end date was supposed to be 26 Oct, but due to other commitments, I’ve had to take a break from the series from 26 Aug to 5 Sep.

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing works from Days 26 to 50, as well as the accompanying poems I’ve written for each one.

All illustrations are hand-drawn on watercolour paper using professional grade watercolour, ink and white gouache, and measure 5.8 x 8.3 in. (A5).

Here are the works from Days 26 to 38 (13 – 25 Aug 2021), and Days 39 to 50 (6 – 17 Sep 2021):



“Room #1”

I seem to have wandered
To an in-between space,
Where I could visit the stars,
And meet my true face.



“Which Way?”

There is no map for what’s ahead,
No marked path to follow;
We’re guided mostly by our gut
And blind faith in tomorrow.



“Room #2”

There are endless rooms
In the castle I have built —
Waiting to be seen.



“Enter the Dream”

Follow the stream
Of your deepest dream
And allow it to unfold.
Only then may we see
How to set ourselves free
From reality’s stronghold.



“Room #3”

So close and yet so far to go
To meet my truest face;
She waits for me here just below,
Yet I can’t leave this place.



“The Endless Road”

The Path extends beyond the edge
Into worlds I can’t yet see.
I long to know when it will end,
But all I’ve got is a dream.



“Room #4”

In the darkest hour a new dream arises,
Awakened by the Voice from the deep;
Though trials may appear in many disguises,
I won’t let myself fall back to sleep.



“In Deep Thought”

Once in a while I find myself here
At the place where it all begins again.
We are but dust in the winds of time,
Floating along to the very end.



“Room #5”

I gaze at the stars in my tree of dreams —
How much further till they reach the sky?
I forget it’s much closer than it seems,
If only I remembered how to fly.



“In Deep Conversation”

There’s a truest Me somewhere deep down inside —
An elusive, timeless being of light.
Most days I forget that she’s ever with me,
’Til sometimes she whispers of all I can be.



“Room #6”

In a world that’s lost and fast asleep,
A dream arises from the deep
That only few were meant to heed its call.
Some nights I lie awake and muse:
Is this a path that I must choose?
And will it even matter after all?



“Lonely Dreamers”

We are lonely dreamers out at sea
Looking for hope to light our way;
Lonely planets in the galaxy
Looking for love to light our days.



“Room #7”

We wait on the edge of infinity
With questions in number as the stars,
And far into the depths of the unknown
Is where all the answers are.



“Written in the Stars?”

Some nights I gaze into the stars
And wonder about my path.
Do they know and hold my destiny,
Or is that on me to craft?



“Room #8”

When it’s dark outside
And the clouds roll in,
When the stars align,
So the dream begins…



“A Dream Awakes”

And while we’re asleep a dream awakes —
A soundless garden blooming within,
Unfurling a path we’re called to take
Through pastures and plains yet unseen.



“Room #9”

There’s a truer Me
Stirring up dreams I can’t see
And will soon forget.



“Late Night Musings”

Are we all but dreamers with buried dreams?
Are we all but seekers who’ve been led astray?
What lies in the depths of our forgotten soul?
And what does it take to refind our way?



“Door #1”

Through an unknown door,
The journey keeps unfolding
With no end in sight.



“My Song Plays On”

In the depths of my being a song plays on;
It rises and falls with the beat in my veins.
And when night approaches and all is uncertain,
I will keep singing my soul’s refrain.



“Door #2”

A dream appears when we least expect
And a newfound purpose ignites within;
But just as fast it can easily fade
Due to our circumstances unforeseen.



“A Dream Awaits Beyond the Door”

Just beyond the door,
A dream awaits an answer
From our bravest Self.



“Door #3”

A door opens where
One dream draws its final breath,
And the next begins.



“My Soul’s Refrain”

My soul’s refrain plays on and on —
An endless, timeless tune;
And while I may not hear it now,
It’s always been my muse.



“Room #10”

As night falls the dream comes to life,
Stirring us out of our slumber;
We must make a choice to stay in bed,
Or answer the call to adventure…