“Little Dreamers” 100-Day Challenge: Days 51 to 75

“Little Dreamers” 100-Day Challenge: Days 51 to 75

75% of the way into this 100-Day Challenge, and three months into this artistic journey!

Since 19 Jul 2021, with some breaks in between, I’ve created and posted one new illustration nearly each day on my Instagram and my Facebook page, as a way of developing a new series of artworks. The new end date was supposed to be 6 Nov, but I had to take another few days break (29 Sep – 3 Oct) to handle other commitments.

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing works from Days 51 to 75, as well as the accompanying poems I’ve written for each one.

All illustrations are hand-drawn on watercolour paper using professional grade watercolour, ink and white gouache, and measure 5.8 x 8.3 in. (A5).

Here are the works from Days 51 to 62 (18 – 29 Sep 2021), and Days 63 to 75 (4 – 16 Oct 2021):




The stars are calling,
Just out of my reach;
But something is pulling me
Back to the deep.


“Silencing the Song”

We’ve silenced the song in our heart
Believing it isn’t good enough
But what we’ve really silenced
Is Love.



“Can’t Get Out of Bed”

Some days I can’t get out of bed —
Don’t even want to try;
Sometimes I’m just so in my head
Where everything’s awry.



“So Close Yet So Far”

I see the delusion
But I can’t break free;
So close and yet so far
From where I long to be.



“Comfort Zone”

Stay inside where it’s safe and mellow;
Live your dreams from your bedroom window.
I’ll sit by the door and I’ll guard this place;
We’ll settle here and we’ll be okay.



At the dream’s shoreline,
Stuck with all the reasons why
I can’t take the leap.



“Shut Down”

There’s no explaining
Why just as answers appear,
I am lulled to sleep.



“Voices in My Head”

I’m of many minds —
Each singing their endless songs
All day and night long.



“Let’s Go Back to Bed”

Some days I’m full of hope,
Most days I’m filled with dread;
And once in a while I just give up
And crawl right back to bed.



“Losing My Voice”

I cannot help but stop myself
From saying what I truly mean;
And time after time I lose my Voice,
Forgetting the songs within.



“I’ll Keep You Safe”

You don’t need to dream bigger,
You don’t need to be brave;
Stay here and stay hidden,
And I’ll keep you safe.



“Creative Block”

Poem in progress…



“Always Held Back”

We’re ever held back
By forces invisible
From our rainbow skies.



“A Dreamer’s Fantasy”

Stay safe and stay hidden
In this dreamy little space;
Where stars abound in rainbow skies,
And nothing’s out of place.



“The Final Test”

When the dream is but a step away,
A path appears to tempt us astray.
Is there something else better around the bend?
And if I go, will I come back here again?



“The Light Shines On”

We may have shadows,
But they cannot douse our light –
Unless we let them.



“At The Bottom of the Well”

So dark and lonely
At the bottom of the well,
But far from alone.



“What Holds Us Back”

What holds us back is larger than we know,
Looming far beneath the surface.
There’s no telling how deep our darkness goes,
And how much of it controls us.



“The True Self Waits”

Our true self awaits
The day we face our darkness
And set ourselves free.



“Safe House”

Within self-made walls,
Our dreams are but wisps of smoke
Scattered on the wind.



“Easier to Hide”

It’s easier to hide
In the comfort of shadows
Than to brave the dream.



“Greatest Wish”

Find your greatest wish
In the darkest depths below,
Waiting to be known.



“Fire Up the Dream”

Fire up the dream
And let it fill your sky;
Feel the darkness go quiet –
Maybe even a little shy.



“The Climb”

Sometimes it’s a long way up,
Sometimes it’s a long fall down;
It doesn’t matter how slow
Or how fast we can go —
So long as we’re dreamward bound.



“Be The Dream”

Darkness is silenced
When the dream and I are one.
The journey begins.