“Little Dreamers” 100-Day Challenge: Days 76 to 100

“Little Dreamers” 100-Day Challenge: Days 76 to 100

On 29 Nov 2021, I published Day 100 on social media, and thus completed this 100-Day Challenge, a little over four months since I started this artistic journey!

Since 19 Jul 2021, with some (numerous lol) breaks in between, I’ve created and posted one new illustration nearly each day on my Instagram and my Facebook page, as a way of developing a new series of artworks.

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing works from Days 76 to 100, as well as the accompanying poems I’ve written for each one.

All illustrations are hand-drawn on watercolour paper using professional grade watercolour, ink and white gouache, and measure 5.8 x 8.3 in. (A5).

Here are the works from Days 76-83 (17-24 Oct), 84-96 (3-16 Nov), 97-99 (21-23 Nov), and 100 (29 Nov):



“Enter PenguinWorld”

The lighted path enters PenguinWorld,
A whimsical realm of -guins galore.
Here’s to the start of another adventure —
We’re excited to see what’s in store.



“Where Mountainguins Rise”

The path continues where Mountainguins rise,
Steadfast and silent toward rainbow skies;
Where Firguins gather to greet us in style:
“Will you stay and play with us for a while?”



“Tea With a Wise Treeguin”

Along the way we stop for tea
With a wise and ancient Tree(guin).
It tells us stories of this land
Together with its Birdguin friends.



“Through the Sleeping Caveguin”

The path continues through a Caveguin,
Whose door only opens while it’s sleeping.
The Bushguin waves, “Just come on right in —
You’ll meet many other -guins within.”



“Upside-Down Batguin Town”

Inside the cave, to our curious surprise,
An upside-down world where some -guins reside.
At the lake (sky?) above us they gather around:
“Hello we are Batguins, welcome to our town!”



“Upside-Down Cake Time”

Am I right side up? Or are you upside down?
Is the ground the ceiling, or the other way round?
“Don’t worry,” says Batguin, “You won’t make a mistake.
Just trust where your feet go, and have some cake!”



“Where the Waterfallguin Flows”

Onward the path leads and onward we go,
Across a canyon where a Waterfallguin flows:
“We’re each on separate journeys — you and me;
But we’ll meet again someday at the greater sea.”



“The Cavern Tavern”

We’re greeted by laughter at the Cavern Tavern —
An everlasting party in Bearguin heaven.
“Fresh honey on tap — guaranteed to make you smile!
All rounds are on us if you’d stay for a while!”



“Where the Riverguin Rolls”

While Bearguins are glad to fill up on lagers,
We need something more to satisfy our hunger.
Down by the path where the Riverguin rolls:
“Here’s a little something to nourish your soul.”



“Centaurguin and Pengasus”

Further down the lighted path with Riverguin as our guide,
Two friendly creatures wave Hello from the other side:
“We’re Centaurguin and Pengasus, guardians of these grounds.
Come hang with us a little while; we’ll show you around.”



“Pengasus Takes Flight”

So up, up and away, Pengasus takes flight —
High above this world bathed in silver moonlight.
Beside shifting Duneguins the path meanders on:
“Do come back and visit us — just before dawn!”



“Campfireguin Music”

In no time we alight at the Centaurguins’ glen,
And gather round the Campfireguin with our new friends.
They get the music going — “Feel free to sing along;
Or follow your own heartbeat, and make up your own song!”



“A Skyful of Stars”

No words can describe a skyful of stars.
No thoughts can measure how minuscule we are.
No voice to express the vastness around.
All that we are is right here right now.



“Seas of Sand”

The lighted path stretches through seas of sand
Among giant Duneguins of this golden land:
“This trek will be trying, but never you fear —
Whatever you need will somehow appear.”



“Haven or Hallucination?”

First we meet a Rockguin who offers us shade,
A haven from the sun in its fieriest state.
But with every act of kindness a trial is revealed —
Is that lake hallucination, or someplace real?



“Lemonade with Cactusguins”

Staying right on course we avoid temptation,
And soon we arrive at a refreshments station;
Where Cactusguins are quick to quench our thirst:
“Here’s the best lemonade in our universe!”



“Supper with Gypsy Racoonguins”

As night falls we camp with Gypsy Racoonguins,
Who offer us pizza from some place they’ve been:
“Why walk a path when you don’t know where it leads?
You should come with us, and we’ll go where we please!”



“At the Path’s End?”

Onward on the path we remain tried and true,
Until an open sea comes into our view.
But the road disappears where the waves rush in —
Is this really where our adventure ends?



“Keep Sailing!”

We set out to sea by the light of the moon,
Hope in our sails we’ll arrive at answers soon;
But when nothing’s changed for miles and dread sets in,
A MerPenguin appears and waves — “Keep sailing!”



“Where Sea Turns to Sky”

Towards the edge where sea turns to sky,
MerPenguins are singing as we sail by:
“Just hold on tight, and to your dreams be true,
And surely the wind will carry you through.”



“Rising on the Windguin”

With the Windguin’s steady rising beneath our ship,
We catapult to the stars in one giant leap.
Curious and delighted the Cloudguins gather round:
“We don’t get many travelers to this part of town!”



“Castleguin On a Cloud”

Just as we wonder what it’s all been about,
We arrive at a Castleguin on a cloud:
“You believe this journey is a means to an end,
But there’s always a new chapter around the bend.”



“Party with Sky Penguins”

For now it’s a time of celebration,
A party with the -guins of this sky nation.
We feast and we sing to our hearts’ content,
Joyful at this stage of a journey well-spent.



“How Far We’ve Made It”

Looking back over how far we’ve made it,
And all of the moments we’ve created,
There’s more to this world that we haven’t been,
And realms far beyond that remain to be seen.



“The Dream Goes On…”

And once again alone at night
Conversing with the moon.
She sings to me of lands beyond —
An everlasting tune.