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Let’s Create Your Very Own Whimsical Art World!

What’s a special moment in your life that you’ll always cherish?

What’s a story that you want to share for years and years to come?

Which adventures in your life do you want to celebrate and remember?


A perfect gift for someone special to you!

A perfect artwork for your home or office!

Hi, I’m MaryAnn!

I paint and illustrate whimsical scenes inspired from events and experiences in my life.

Art is my way of capturing these moments and sharing the stories that each memory holds.

My works express love, joy, hope and adds a magical quality to these scenes, something that isn’t always captured in a photograph. 

Oftentimes these memories are made in the blink of an eye, going by so quickly that if we were to try and capture it with our cameras, we would completely miss being fully present in that moment.

Thus so many of our memories and life’s adventures cannot simply be captured in a photograph, and this is where my art can help.

Through whimsical, colorful, heartfelt artworks, I capture these moments of your life, rendered as a unique work of art created just for you and your loved ones, to celebrate the various adventures and memories in your life.

Celebrate your closest relationships

Go bigger than a regular “portrait” and get illustrated versions of you and your friends and/or family, engaged in your favorite activities, surrounded by what you love, in a dreamy scene…

Celebrate what you love, your life events and memories

Celebrate your important life events like weddings, new babies, new homes, birthday parties, graduation… and everyday moments that are important to you!

Celebrate the places you love — real or imagined!

Where was your favorite vacation? What places have you visited that you simply fell in love with? Perhaps you spent some years studying or working abroad and it was life-changing for you?

Celebrate your favorite places and travel adventures!

How it works:

1) Fill in the form below and share briefly what you would like me to create for you.

2) I’ll respond within 48 hours, and we’ll arrange for a free consultation video call (or an in-person meeting).

During this consultation call, we’ll:

  • Chat about the story or moment you want to capture in a work of art, the people involved, the events that occurred, etc.
  • Discuss what’s the best size and media for the work you have in mind.
  • I’ll give you a quotation for the artwork, which includes shipping charges via Singapore Post registered mail, based on your shipping address

3) When you’ve decided to go ahead with the commission:

  • You’ll pay a nonrefundable deposit which is 30% of the total fee
  • You’ll send me some reference photos for the scene, e.g. people, location, objects
  • Then I will begin sketching for your artwork

4) It takes about 2-3 weeks to complete the artwork from the time I receive your deposit and reference photos. During this time, I will send you photos of the sketch, the progress at 50%, and the final work.

5) Completed artworks are shipped via Singapore Post registered mail. If you would like it couriered to you via DHL, I can arrange for that accordingly at additional charges.

Ready to get started? Fill in the form below and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours:

I offer customized artworks in the following forms:

Type 1) Watercolor-based mixed media illustrations on watercolor paper

Two sizes

A)  5.8 x 8.3 in. (A5) = $ 400 USD onwards

B) 11.7 x 8.3 in. (A4) = $ 600 USD onwards

The exact fee depends on how detailed you would like your artwork to be. More detailed work requires more hours of work, hence the final fee may be higher than what’s stated here.

These are shipped unframed, either sandwiched between foam boards or rolled up in a shipping tube.

Type 2) Acrylic on canvas

Smallest size: 8 x 8 in., 7 x 9 in., or 6 x 12 in. = $ 400 USD onwards

Largest size: 40 x 30 in. = $ 1,950 USD onwards

In-between sizes (standard sizes): range from $ 400 – 1,950 USD

The exact fee depends on how detailed you would like your artwork to be. More detailed work requires more hours of work, hence the final fee may be higher than what’s stated here.

Canvas sizes up to 12 x 16 in. will arrive stretched, wired and ready to hang.

Canvases larger than 12 x 16 in. will be rolled up and transported in a shipping tube, and you can bring it to your local framer to get it stretched or framed as you see fit. Chat with me if you’d like some advice on this 🙂

Type 3) Wall painting

You can also have your life’s adventure painted on a wall in your home!

I use acrylic paint or masonry wall paint that dries into a very durable layer that is easy to clean, and will last for many many years.

If you choose this type of art form, it would be best for us to meet at the location of the wall so I can best assess what’s needed for your artwork.

My average rate: $500 USD per square metre + design fees (waived if you already have an existing design) + materials + equipment needed + transport

I travel sometimes for artist residencies and/or for painting murals as part of my “Project: 100 Dream Trees”, so chat with me and we can figure out a time for me to work on your very own mural!

My locations for 2023:

  • Present time until end Mar 2023: Singapore
  • Apr – Jun 2023: Bristol, UK
  • Jul 2023: Lapua, Finland
  • Aug – Nov 2023: Bristol, UK or somewhere else in Europe
  • Dec 2023: Singapore



If you’re an author and want some dreamy, whimsical, cute, colourful illustrations for your book, chat with me!

Including but not limited to children’s books, book covers, graphic novels, comics… basically ANY STORY that you want some illustrations for.

I will create these illustrations digitally in Procreate, because it’s far easier to make revisions as needed.

I can’t quote an exact fee until I know the specific requirements of your project, so chat with me first.

But just to give you a rough idea:

– Single illustration: from $400 USD (also depending on size and detail)

– Children’s book (about 20 illustrations): from $3.000 USD

For more queries and to hire me for commissioned work, chat with me at or fill in the form below:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why penguins?

You may have noticed a lot of penguins in my works. The Dreamer Penguin character has appeared in my art since the beginning of my professional art career, and it is my universal symbol of representing humanity. Penguins are birds, which means they have a potential to fly, but in reality they cannot. In a similar way, we were born with the potential to live our best life, to be everything we’ve always wanted to be, but in reality, not many of us do. Thus these Dreamer Penguins symbolize us, and my belief that someday we will all make our dreams come true.

While most of my personal works feature Dreamer Penguins, I sometimes include other animals and cartoon versions of people too.

Q: Do you draw portraits?

I draw illustrated or cartoon versions of people, and I like to include meaningful elements that are significant for the characters in the artwork. It brings my clients and me way more satisfaction when they receive a full-colored whimsical scene of themselves and their loved ones, compared to a portrait with just their faces.

Q: Why are your works shipped unframed?

I try to minimize the amount of packaging materials needed to ship my works, while still ensuring they are secure and protected while in transit. The larger the artwork, the more easily it gets damaged while in transit, thus it requires more protection, which results in higher costs spent on shipping and packaging.

When you receive an unframed work, you also have the freedom to frame them in a way that matches your interior space.

Not ready to get your life’s adventure illustrated? No problem!

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