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  1. Ponyfy

    Oh noooo…. To be my own equivalent… I always thought that when I find another equivalent of myself, I can leave him to do a part of my work -.- keke. Oh well, always take the higher path, so to be my own equivalent :s

    1. MaryAnn

      Thanks for reading my blog! It’s so tough to take the higher path.. I think it’s because most of us are wired to want another person to support us, to complete us, to help share our load. Which also means that most likely you will meet potential candidates who are also looking for someone to do part of their work. Then it will become a cycle of codependence which may not be a healthy thing for a relationship in the long run. So I think it’s smarter to always do your own work, then you won’t need a partner, but when one comes along it’s a bonus to your life, and not a necessity. 🙂

  2. Klp

    I hear you, loud and clear. Thank you for your art.. Penguins had been popping up everywhere I went in life and I stumbled upon your work.. It inspired me to finally get back into drawing after years of putting it off (other than a few random 5minute doodles)..
    Thanks again,
    Katy Lynn

  3. John smith

    It took me almost an hour to finally decide to write this.
    While I feel that I am not yet qualify to be lecturing you, the urge to get it off my chest was too strong.
    I’ve decided … this world doesn’t need another artist like you.
    I’m sorry to say this but your art isn’t good enough.
    I’ve looked through your art from 2013 and it is like you NEVER improve at all. You’re still with the same old drawing style.
    Did you even seek to improve it?
    Was there an even desire to improve?
    Did you chase success so hard you forget the value of being an artist?
    No art foundation … no nothing. And you call yourself an artist?
    Do you not realize that attention will only come when people actually LOVE your creation? Which I’m guessing for your art, is rare?
    Your art is not good enough. Not even after you’re dead.
    This world doesn’t need another artist … at least not one like you.
    I’m sorry.
    But you know what this world needs?

    HOW ON EARTH did you get an art exhibition in just 2 months, and do it with virtually no drawing background??
    Give me 2 years and I can’t even do that.

    The world needs to know how you did that.
    The world needs to know the challenges you faced to achieve it.
    The world needs you to motivated them to do it.
    The world needs to know the steps you took.
    The world needs to know the PSYCHOLOGY to do it.

    What about that scam?!
    The world need you to WARN them so that they can avoid it!

    If you write a book answering the questions above, and sell it for $39.90 …
    I can tell you –
    I can find 10 people who are interested in buying your book in the next 24 hours
    Finding ONE person who is interested in buying your art in the next 24 days.
    I’ll even be your first customer.
    That book will be way, Way, WAY more useful to me than say buying your $100+ painting and then hang it on my wall.
    2 months? Seriously? That is worth a book. That journey is worth more than your art.
    You speak and write better than many anyway.
    And when others start thanking you for teaching them how … maybe you’ll realize that life is all about helping others. (Your bank account will reflect the amount of people you helped 🙂

    I spent many, many hours looking into the mirror, asking myself … does this world needs another artist?
    I found my answer. It is so obvious.
    Artist are selfish people who needs everything to be about themselves.
    “What Do I Really Want?”
    I … I … I
    But never “you” …
    (Delete this after reading! Don’t publish this comment. If you disagree and want to argue, then I apologize in advance!)

  4. Jordan

    This is interesting to me, as someone who follows and enjoys your art, and as someone who currently dabbles in at least 3-4 artistic pursuits, and has asked himself “does the world need another writer, musician, photographer?” many times.

    I enjoy the process of creation: the way a story can pull a reader in and they empathize with a character; how a photograph can reveal life, or strife, or show so much in an instant, or just be beautiful; and how it feels to play music, to sing, to create rhythm. I enjoy it so much. While i dont think ill ever be a van gogh either, maybe i can create something that someone, anyone, can hear and simply say “yes that affected me”? isn’t that enough? The way your paintings affect me, and make me feel something.

    Then there’s also the gift of teaching, which passes it on, can inspire, and im convinced can change lives.

    Perhaps in another life i would have been a doctor or an engineer or whatever mr smith would consider a useful way to live one’s life, and fill one’s bank account, but I’m not. I don’t really have the… constitution? For that type of work.

    Anyway, I was hoping you would write that book too, just to rub it in the nose of the troll/flamer.

    Keep on painting too.

  5. Kai

    As a person knocking on many doors and facing rejection everyday, this is my 2 cents to add.

    Art is art and business is business.

    Art is a niche expression and business is fulfilling the niche need.

    You just have not found your right audience. There is someone out there that appreciates your art and will pay for it.

    You just need to find that someone, it takes a lot of audience building and expanding your network.

    Jia you!

    1. MaryAnn

      Hi Kai, thanks for sharing! I do agree with what you’re saying, that it’s about finding the right audience. What I meant to share in the post is that since I’m spending time gathering an audience anyway, I realized from doing the art sale that I feel more fulfilled being able to help an audience who wants to take action on their dreams, than one who buys art for their home. Both ways I need to do a lot of audience building, it’s more like which audience do I really truly want to serve.