Vocal Coaching

Do you long to improve your voice, self-expression and confidence?

I help singers of all levels develop your natural vocal abilities, reconnect to your true voice, and discover freedom in expressing yourself authentically.

Hi, I’m MaryAnn!

I’m a multi-passionate creative. I’ve been a professional fine artist since 2013, and in the years before that I’ve explored creative paths in acting, singing, and songwriting.

From my artistic journey so far, I’ve learnt that every single one of us has something we wish to express – our very own unique voice. And I believe it’s our purpose in this life to figure out what that voice truly wants to share with the world, and with ourselves.

With my various experiences and developments in creative self-expression, as well as my training as a voice coach and life coach, I provide a holistic approach to singing lessons and vocal coaching, such that you can set your voice free.

Watch me sing:


Who is vocal coaching for?

It’s a common misconception that only voice professionals will seek out vocal coaching, such as singers, teachers, public speakers, actors, and voice artists.

But each of us has a voice inside that we long to express. Even if you’re not a professional singer, speaker or voice artist, being able to harness the power of your voice is a powerful tool you can apply in many areas of your life.

Thus, vocal coaching is also for you if you want to:

  • Practice a surprise singing performance for someone you love
  • Speak up more at work
  • Prepare for an important work presentation or pitch
  • Have more confidence and freedom in your self-expression
  • Overcome your fears and anxiety about being in front of an audience
  • Be better at sharing your feelings and thoughts with your loved ones
  • Sing your heart out wherever you go without worrying what others may think of you
  • Learn to sing a song you really really love because singing brings you joy

And many more!

Together, we will…

1) Develop your vocal abilities according to what your voice needs the most right now:

  • Learn various techniques that can enhance your vocal expression
  • Reduce blockages to your vocal channel so you have more freedom in using your voice
  • Correct bad vocal habits, such as enunciation, reducing nasal sound, etc., and overcome vocal issues that you’ve been facing for years

2) Lessen the psychological barriers that prevent you from fully expressing yourself:

  • Conquer your limiting beliefs like “I can’t sing”, “My voice isn’t good”…
  • Reduce fears and anxiety around public performance
  • Overcome self-consciousness in expressing yourself authentically

3) Develop yourself into the best singer that ONLY YOU can be:

  • Find your way of singing in your natural voice, and achieve your perfect sound whilst maintaining the best possible vocal function
  • Discover your singer personality and how to bring that into your singing
  • Learn to choose the right songs for you – based on your current vocal ability, personality, and what you wish to express
Let’s explore how you can apply these techniques into your daily life and interactions with others!


“Before vocal coaching with MaryAnn, my voice was soft and it was hard for me to sing the high notes. I was shy at first, but I found it to be more fun and enjoyable after each session. Now I can sing the way I feel like and not feel embarrassed, and I’m happier!”

– Caroline

“MaryAnn is very perceptive when it comes to the performer’s psyche and I found that I could work with her well discussing my inner motivations for singing a song and with her input, formulate a deeper connection to the song.”

– Kai Heng

What Do You Need?

I currently offer two formats. See if one of them fits your needs.

Option 1: ONE one-to-one session

This includes:
– One singing lesson / voice coaching session in person or online, for 1 hour

This is for:
– Working specifically on the aspects of your voice that you need most improvement in right now
– Exploring if vocal coaching is something you need
– Experiencing singing just for the fun of it

Price: $68 USD ($92 SGD)

Option 2: Package of FOUR one-to-one sessions

This includes:
– Four singing lessons / voice coaching sessions in person or online, 1 hour each, to be completed within two months of registration
– VIP email access to me

This is for:
– Ensuring your vocal ability develops consistently over time. One session is enough to gain some specific feedback and specially targeted tools that you can practice on your own, and having regular sessions allows you to build on that and gain momentum in developing your voice.
– Achieving exponential improvement in your vocal ability and expression over a short time
– Overcoming specific vocal issues and barriers to expression in an effective manner

Price: $240 USD ($325 SGD)

Let’s Work Together!

Drop me a note, describing your situation, and we can arrange a time for a chat or meet-up and get started! (Or email me at voicecoach.maryann@gmail.com)

How It Works:

When we first meet (in-person or online), we’ll begin with your goals and what you would like to work on or get out of the session.

Then you’ll sing, record your voice, and I’ll give you specific feedback on what your voice needs.

Then we’ll spend some time working on the specific areas of your voice, where you need it most at that point in time.

This includes a few exercises from a variety of drills, activities and coaching techniques.

At some stages of the session you’ll record your singing again, and compare the recordings, so you can hear the changes for yourself.

Where will we meet?


We can meet online via video chat on Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp, where you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your home!

Simply ensure you have a good stable Internet connection, a webcam, a good microphone, and a space where nobody will interrupt our session together.


This is applicable only when we are both in the same location.

I can make the trip to your home or workplace, or we can rent a music studio, or maybe go to the park, or a quiet rooftop. We’ll figure it out!

When will we meet?

We can arrange a time and date that works for both of us.

After you’ve made your purchase, I will contact you to set a time and date.

You can check available dates and times here.

Some questions you might have:

Q: Does singing help with my speaking?

A: When you sing out loud and with the right technique, you’re exercising, training and strengthening your voice, which means your speech will also improve as a result!

If you’re preparing for a speech or presentation, you’ll also receive coaching to improve your confidence, stage presence, and emotional expression in speaking.

Q: How are your singing lessons different from others in the market?

A: Singing lessons are usually priced at $35-75 USD ($50-100 SGD) per hour for group classes, and $60-110 USD ($80-$150 SGD) for individual sessions. The majority of these instructors tend to focus heavily on vocal technique and training — but singing is also about overcoming our psychological and emotional barriers to self-expression so we can be confident as ourselves.

As a trained life coach and vocal instructor, and with my experience as a performer and artist, I provide a holistic approach that can not only improve your voice, but also help you identify areas of development in your self-expression. With my training as a life coach, I can help you overcome barriers to your confidence and self-expression with more precision than a trainer skilled only in vocal technique and mechanics.

Q: Singing lessons and vocal training are only for professional singers or speakers.

A: Singing is for everyone, not just professional singers or speakers. Learning how to express ourselves yields tremendous benefits in all areas of our lives. At work, it allows us to present ourselves well and bring our ideas across, creating greater impact in our workplace. In our personal lives, it enables us to develop deep relationships with loved ones, helping us create love and understanding. Romantically, being able to express ourselves enables us to attract the right partner and present ourselves well in front of them.

Q: Do you teach group lessons?

If you’d like to have a singing lesson together with your friends or family, I can also run a group session for you.

Singing in front of fellow classmates is a great opportunity to hone your ability to express yourself with confidence. You can also learn from others, and be inspired by them.

Group sessions can also be conducted online.

Check out my upcoming workshops here.

Are you ready?

Drop me a note, describing your situation, and let’s arrange a time for a chat and get you started! (Or email me at voicecoach.maryann@gmail.com)